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Scuba diver fails in attempt to snack on banana underwater


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This is one of those things that should come with a warning not to attempt it, but this scuba diver was too curious to see if it was possible to resist trying. He and his scuba buddies had been talking about being hungry while exploring the depths on those longer dives. This is the Cayman Islands and some of the shallower reef dives can last well over an hour. The scenery is breath taking and the water is crystal clear. But eventually hunger sets in and makes a diver wish that there was a way to have a little snack while cruising over the coral. They wondered if it would be possible to eat something like a banana. It would have to be waterproof, convenient to carry, easy to chew, and there could be no litter. It needed to be something that wouldn't go soggy in the salt water too. All of this ruled out chips, cookies, and crackers. A banana seemed like the logical choice. Another obvious must was that the experiment should be carried out in very shallow water and close to the boat. If anything went wrong, his scuba partner was right there to share their air. Also, a controlled ascent to the surface would not present any problems from such a shallow depth in the first few minutes of the dive. Obviously, a scuba diver breathes through the regulator in his mouth while underwater and that presented the first challenge. But popping out the regulator briefly and popping the banana in wasn't really that difficult. The first thing Dave noticed was that the salt water mixed with the banana for an unusual flavor. But he was determined to keep going with the experiment. The next problem was that chewing food while your teeth are clamped around a mouthpiece to hold the regulator in place is actually impossible. Your mouth won't close fully and the food just doesn't get chewed. The next problem, which Dave really didn't enjoy was that the banana got pushed forward and blocked the mouthpiece and the flow of air. This got Dave thinking of the possibility that banana lodged in the regulator would leave him short on air. The other problem was that trying to breath through the mouth while you have slippery food in your mouth just isn't wise either. It’s a choking hazard. Dave abandoned the attempt and got rid of the banana, admitting defeat. Sometimes ideas just don't seem so wise when you get halfway through. Luckily banana is a food that some fish really enjoy and the piece that was left behind was quickly devoured. Scuba diving is a serious sport and is not without risk. Attempting to eat or do anything else unusual increases a person's risk and should only be carried out by experienced divers who have worked out a plan to deal with the situation if it goes wrong. And besides, Dave has already demonstrated that there is a very good reason that scuba divers are never seen having a snack while underwater. We can all take his word for it and we don't need to try it ourselves.

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