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Sweet pit bull adorably suckles on stuffed animal


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We have all read how mean and aggressive pit bull dogs are in the newspapers and on television. They even went as far as to ban the breed in some states and make pit bulls wear muzzles in others. All of this hype over how dangerous they can be, we wonder if any of these rule makers took the time to get to know a pit bull? In this video we see the complete opposite of everything we have ever heard about this "aggressive" breed of dog! Here we see a fourteen year old pit bull named Kya who has a heart of gold and two seconds into this video, you will have to agree. Kya has been given a new green stuffed animal to call her baby and as soon as she takes it from her owner, she brings it to her bed and starts sucking on it like a Popsicle. Kya is not chewing up the toy or biting on it in aggression. She is lovingly sucking on it and keeping it clean. She starts kneading her paws into the blankets while sucking on the stuffed animal she holds tightly in her front legs. She clearly is in love with her new toy and it is pretty obvious that she doesn't plan to be separated from it anytime soon. The most adorable thing is the look in her eyes. She truly is doe eyed and completely infatuated with the lime green toy. When she finally drops the toy, it will be soaking wet with drool, but there will not be one hole or tear in it. The last thing she is trying to do is ruin her new baby, all she wants to do it show it how much she loves and cherishes it! This could go on for hours and hours!

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