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Synchronized sneezing fits stop dogs from fighting


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It can be intense watching two pit bulls fight, even if they are just play fighting. But when the two pit bulls stop fighting and start sneezing at the same time, it quickly goes from intense to hilarious! Watch as these two female pit bulls go from a playful match of wrestling to a full out sneezing unison! Their hilarious sneezing is perfectly in sync, coming out of no where in the middle of their playing match. They go from bearing their teeth and playfully romping around on the blanket to suddenly sneezing at the same time, then taking turns back and forth. It is almost like there was ground pepper in those blankets. We wonder what caused the sneezing to begin with? Kya and Vegas have grown up together and are the best of friends. They are like sisters and do everything together, including sneezing apparently! When one sneezes, the other must follow suit! Now that is sisterhood if we have ever seen it! Kya is a fourteen year old tan and white pit bull and Vegas is a thirteen year old black and white. Although they are not technically sisters, they have been raised together and are inseparable. They spend most of their mornings cuddled up on their blankets until it is time for their morning wrestle. On this particular morning, the wrestling match became more then just a little fight, it became a competition in sinus evacuation! Although pit bulls tend to have a bad reputation in society, they are extremely lovable dogs and make amazing companion pets. They love to snuggle and play games with their owners just as many other breeds. As you can see here, the may look vicious when bearing their teeth, but so do any other breed of canine. Pit bulls are fun loving dogs that have a ton of personality if you get to know them! There is no doubt about the amount of personality in these two! We could watch them sneeze in sync all day!

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