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Tiny, furious reef fish chases away much larger Queen Triggerfish


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The Queen Triggerfish is one of the most beautiful, yet bizarre looking fish in the ocean. This gorgeous fish seemed to be interested in a sandy spot between patches of coral on the reef surrounding Little Cayman Island. It acted as if it was seeking a spot to build a nest, or it was possibly guarding eggs already laid in a nest. But another fish that was intent on guarding its own spot was lurking nearby. A Spotted Damselfish, known for its aggressive and territorial nature was angry about the presence of the larger fish. Each time the Queen Triggerfish ventured too close, the Spotted Damselfish reacted furiously, attacking the big fish and biting it. Unable to out-swim the smaller fish, the Queen Triggerfish was forced to swim away and try to avoid the little aggressor. But each time it returned to the spot that it was working at, the Spotted Damselfish emerged with renewed vigor and enthusiasm and put the run on it again. Spotted Damselfish are like the Pomeranians of the ocean. These are the dogs that are known as Lion Dogs, believed to be unaware of their small stature. They will bark and growl at much larger animals as if they have a hope of overpowering them. The Spotted Damselfish is equally aggressive and will even attack and bite a swimmer who ventures too close to their lair. This Queen Triggerfish is an interesting creature. They are highly intelligent and will cruiso over the reef in search of crabs or small conch shells, their favourite food. They blow water under shells or flip them over and watch for the creatures to emerge to right themselves. At that moment they will rush in and grab their prey. They use the same tactic for sea urchins to expose the underside where the spines are the shortest. They are also able to change colour to match their surroundings to aid in camouflage.

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